If these statements describe you …

  • Know you need to accumulate funds for retirement.
  • Have little confidence in your ability to accumulate the money retirement requires.
  • Have no idea how to proceed.
  • Have little knowledge of the stock market.
  • Are overwhelmed by the daily onslaught of investment “advice”
  • Don’t know who to trust.
  • Have 15 or more years before you NEED the money.

Then you are in the right place.


Years of false starts have led me to this wealth building strategy that I want to share with those who are struggling with how to accumulate wealth for retirement.


  • You will learn which index fund guarantees (yes! guarantees) that you will do as well as “the market”
    i.e. the Dow Jones Industrial Average
  • You will learn a simple, inexpensive, easy to follow, lifetime strategy for accumulating wealth for your retirement.Note that a 35 year old will be in the market for 47+/- years (yes, that’s forty seven years!);30 years of accumulation and a “withdrawal phase” of 17 years (life expectancy for a 65 year old).
  • You will learn why you cannot accumulate wealth quickly. At the same time, I will show you why history is on your side.You will learn
  •  You will learn how the basic investing fundamentals…
      • Dollar Cost Averaging
      • Buy and Hold
        will deliver the Golden Rule of investing…”Buy Low, Sell High“!
  • You will learn how to ignore market “noise” and be happy when the market is down.
  • You will learn that “target retirement funds” are not the right choice to accumulate wealth.
  • You will learn that following The Plan would have produced significant wealth in every one of 66 different historical periods
        For example, the 47 years …

      • (1) from 1900 to1947,
      • (2) from 1901 to1948,
      • :
      • (66) from 1965-2012


  • You will accumulate wealth  if you follow The Plan.
  • Warren Buffett endorses the concepts embedded in The Plan***
  • You will see why using a “financial advisor” could cost you a lot($422,000**) of money.
  • You will learn a LOT about Investing in a short period of time.

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