The Investing For Retirement strategy is understood and recognized by many highly regarded financial experts and journals.

Here is Warren Buffet reiterating everything that this website has presented.

Warren Buffet emphasizing importance of index funds


No more needs to be said – read this – This Fund Is Damn Near Perfect – testimonial from Bloomberg – May 20, 2015

The Motley Fool, respected online financial advisor, endorses strategy.

A Financial Planner Says “Forget About Hiring Financial Planner

Fidelity Says “Buy and Hold” is best strategy

Motley Fool ALSO Authenticates Use of Index Funds (8/18/2013)

Investors Are Asking the Wrong Questions

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Charles Schwab, huge brokerage, finally gets it: (6/2/2014)

How Charles Schwab Got Religion on Retirement Indexing.

Great Explanation of What, Why and Which (VTI)  Index Funds

The Beginner’s Guide To Index Investing

Warren Buffett Totally Concurs

Read what the world’s most successful investor, Warren Buffett has to say about index funds and the principle of keeping a portfolio simple.

Warren Buffett Endorses S&P Only Click HERE

Warren Buffett Endorses Index Funds I! Click HERE

Warren Buffett Endorses Index Funds II! Click HERE

Warren Buffett Endorses Index Funds III!  Click HERE

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