STRS Returns

STRS Ohio’s Total Fund Returns 0.92% for Fiscal 2016
At the August meeting of the State Teachers Retirement Board, Investment Department staff reported that STRS Ohio’s total fund return for the year ending June 30, 2016, was +0.92%. The return beat the total fund benchmark by 0.25%. The system’s active management of the funds, rather than relying on index funds, added approximately $85 million in value after all investment costs during the fiscal year.
The 0.92% return was consistent with staff’s annual plan forecast of moderate, positive returns. This follows returns of +5.45% in fiscal year 2015 and +16.83% in fiscal 2014. The value of investment assets as of June 30, 2016, was $69.9 billion.
STRS Ohio’s Long-Term Returns
  • Assumed actuarial rate of return: +7.75%
  • 5-year total fund return: +7.66%
  • 10-year total fund return: +6.06%
  • 20-year total fund return: +7.16%
  • 25-year total fund return: +8.02%
  • 30-year total fund return: +8.40%