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We asked 4 robo advisers and 4 human advisers for portfolios for the same investor

Published: Apr 27, 2015 9:14 a.m. ET

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The human touch: Jared Kizer, Buckingham Asset Management’s chief investment officer, described his recommended portfolio as “not overly complicated” and stressed that he would go over potential behavioral pitfalls with the client, such as avoiding the tendency to bail out at the worst possible times. He said his firm is “generally not that concerned” about competition from robo advisers, because much of a human adviser’s value comes from personal interactions and helping clients respond to events. “There’s not as much overlap as people think,” Kizer told MarketWatch.

Fees: A 35-year-old with $40,000 might end up working with St. Louis–based Buckingham Asset Management through a wealthier family member who is an existing client. Or he or she might go for Buckingham’s “Asset Management Offering,” which charges either a minimum annual fee of $1,200 or 1.25% of assets

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