“Lazy” Diversified Professional Portfolios

Here is “investment advice” from Paul B. Farrell, senior investment columnist for MarketWatch. MarketWatch is a subsidiary of Dow Jones, a property of News Corp. MarketWatch is part of Dow Jones’ Consumer Media Group, along with The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, the WSJ.com and affiliated internet properties.

Presumably Mr. Farrell has some chops!

8 Lazy Set and Forget Portfolios


He points his readers to eight different portfolios. The “lazy” part of the portfolio comes from the idea that the portfolio will be easy to maintain. Well…  not as easy to maintain as a portfolio with only one security. These recommended portfolios have between three and ELEVEN securities!  Click on the “Portfolio Developer’s” name to view the portfolio.

Portfolio Developer Number of
10 Yr
Aronson Family Taxable 11 5.85
Dr. Bernstein’s No Brainer 4 5.74
Fundadvice Ultimate Buy & Hold 11 4.66%
Dr. Bernstein’s Smart Money 9 5.20
Coffeehouse 7 5.95
Yale U’s Unconventional 6 6.31
Margaritaville 3 4.85
Second Grader’s Starter 3 5.86

Vanguard Total Market Fund (VTI)

1 7.54