“Investment Advisor Advice”

Here’s What You Get From An Investment Advisor

  1. A questionnaire to determine your “risk tolerance”.
  2. A recommended diversified portfolio based on your risk tolerance.
    Virtually every “financial advisor” will recommend that your portfolio be “diversified”.


Investing in different asset classes and in securities of many issuers in an attempt to reduce overall investment risk and to avoid damaging a portfolio’s performance by the poor performance of a single security.


Sample Recommendations

Here are several recommended “diversified” portfolios from several “Investment Advisors”

Recommended Portfolio, PlanningNetwork adviserRecommended Portfolio, Orr Financial PlanningRecommended Portfolio, Garrett Planning Network adviserRecommended Portfolio, FutureAdvisorRecommended Portfolio, Buckingham Asset ManagementRecommended Portfolio, American Assn of Individual Investers,moderate portfolioBuckinham Advisory Portfoliocapture-iii

The number of securities in the portfolios ranges from 3 to 12 Every portfolio includes domestic, international and fixed income securities. Now let’s see how well these diversified portfolios have done:

Large Well Know Investment Brokers Have Persuasive Ads

From JP Morgan – who could resist THIS appeal?

From Goldman Sachs we get this suggested, “diversified” portfolio  –

And, while not an investment advisor, the Harvard and Yale Endowment Portfolios are  considered the Gold Standard among all portfolios. Here is their composition:

Harvard,Yale Portfolio Composition