The “Set and Forget” Investment Plan

Make two decisions to launch the “Accumulation” phase, one decision when you are ready to retire; i.e. the “Withdrawal” phase. That’s it; no more decisions.

You just set the plan in action and forget about making any more investment decisions for the rest of your life. Real simple and much more likely to be carried out because of its simplicity.

The Plan

Accumulation Phase

Two Decisions

  1. Make the decision to open an account (IRA, Roth, Brokerage) account at
  1. Make the decision to setup your ShareBuilder account to withdraw $IMAX* from your checking account each month. Use the $IMAX dollars to purchase as many shares of Vanguard Total Stock Market ETF (VTI – a fund that tracks the total USA stock market) as $IMAX will buy.

ShareBuilder will continue to withdraw and purchase $IMAX worth of  VTI every month until you retire.

Withdrawal Phase

One Decision

  1. Upon reaching retirement age, set up your ShareBuilder account to send you at least $WMIN** or more up to $WMAX*** each month from your considerable retirement account with little chance of running out of money. Decision is what is the value of $WMIN?

THAT’S IT!  That is  The Plan!

The rest of this website is devoted to proving to you that following this simple strategy will allow you to retire with more money than if you had followed any other plan. Guaranteed!

In order to stick with the plan you have to know that it will work.
Click here -> Irrefutable Evidence Based Proof  <–to begin the education process.


* $IMAX = the maximum amount you can muster each month for Investing in your retirement account; should be at least $250 per month.

** $WMIN = the minimum amount Withdrawn monthly from your Sharebuilder account. See Withdrawal Strategy to learn how to determine this minimum amount. Withdrawing a fixed percent, say 5% may not give you sufficient income to meet your budget requirements. $MIN is the minimum you need to withdraw to maintain your lifestyle.

***$WMAX = the maximum amount Withdrawn monthly from your Sharebuilder account. In a booming market withdrawing a fixed percent, say 5% may be imprudent for the long run as 5% may be much more than you need in a single year.

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