Accumulation Phase

Irrefutable Evidence That This Plan WILL Work For You Is Presented Below

  1. Why M1 Finance  M1 Finance is the best on-line brokerage firm for the beginning investor.
  2. Why VTI? VTI – “Vanguard Total Stock Market” gives you participation in 3700+ US Stocks
  3. 50 Year Investment Horizon!
  4. History Is On Your Side. Is it likely that the stock market will continue its upward trend for 30+ years?
  5. What Would Have Happened had you executed “The Plan” over the last 115 years (1900-2015). The most powerful piece of evidence I can show you!
    NOTE: The simulation uses historical DJIA year-end values of the last 115 years.
  6. Buy Low, Sell High” achieve the (almost) impossible only with this plan.
  7. Buy and Hold” With this plan, you are implementing the only successful investment strategy.
  8. .Low Risk The plan gives you the best chance for achieving you retirement objective.
  9. Low Fees” You will pay the lowest fees possible.
  10. Shouldn’t you use a “real” Investment Advisor?




Here is a link to the ShareBuilder* website. Get started now. You have nothing to lose but a comfortable retirement. Return to this page through the years if your confidence starts to wane. Remember, History is on your side! We have prospered in spite of bleak market years.

* NOTE: “ShareBuilder” is now owned and operated by Capital One Investing. You will see their logo instead of ShareBuilder but everything else is the same.

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