Assumed Objective:

SIMPLE: You want the most money possible in your retirement account when you reach retirement age.

Investing For Retirement LLC has a simple investment strategy that makes it highly  likely that you will achieve this objective

Special features designed for those who are just starting their Investing For Retirement; i.e. those who have 20 or more years to build a portfolio.

  • No minimum account size requirement.
    Many  investment advisor firms require minimum accounts of $100,000 or more.
  • No annual investment advisor fees.
    Pay only a one time fee of $199.
  • No fees* based on “assets under management”.
    *Usually equal or greater than 1% of your assets that are managed.
  • No minimum periodic investment requirement.
  • Ability to purchase partial shares (necessary if monthly investment is low).
  • No complicated portfolio “rebalancing” required.
  • Minimum tax liability.
  • Rare ability to purchase partial shares.
  • Once initiated, the plan requires no effort or decision making on your part.
  • Principles and practices embedded in our advice are supported and advocated by leading financial journals and Warren Buffett.
  • Conversely, some of our advice is contrary to conventional wisdom.
  • Most important, your assets are registered in your name, controlled by you, and securely held at a qualified custodian (as defined by the SEC). We never touch your money. Investing For Retirement provides education, advice and hand-holding only.

If you’d like to know more about Investing For Retirement, click the  link below to schedule a free 15 minute telephone meeting with one of our advisors.