The “Investing For Retirement” Strategy

A successful investing for retirement strategy requires knowledge with respect to investing and then action based on that knowledge.  “Investing For Retirement”™ gives you the necessary knowledge for you to become a successful investor. We will replace speculation with education.

Blueprint for successful Investing For Retirement


  1. Open An Account with  Sharebuilder@Capital One*
    IFR™ has no affiliation with Capital One
  2. Purchase Shares of  Vanguard’s VTI (Total Market Index Fund) Every Month Until You Retire

Proof of Strategy

  1. The theory behind the strategy is supported by Warren Buffet and other financial experts. Read Testimonials
  2. See What Would Have Happened had you invested $200, $300, $400 or $500 a month  for 30 years, then retired at age 65.
    NOTE: The simulation uses historical Dow Jones Industrial Average (the Dow) year-end values of the last 115 years.

Do It!

Here is a link to the ShareBuilder* website. Get started now. You have nothing to lose but a comfortable retirement. Return to this page through the years if your confidence starts to wane. Remember, history is on your side! We have prospered in spite of bleak market years.

* NOTE: “ShareBuilder” is  owned and operated by Capital One Investing. You will see their logo instead of ShareBuilder but everything else is the same. “Investing For Retirement”™ has no affiliation or financial interest in ShareBuilder or Capital One Investing.