The Plan

There are two phases to The Plan

Accumulation Phase

Two Decisions

  1. Make the decision to open an account (Roth, 401K, Brokerage) account at
  1. Make the decision to setup your Sharebuilder account to withdraw $MAX* from your checking account each month. Use the $MAX dollars to purchase as many shares of
    DIA (an index fund that tracks the DJIA) as $MAX will buy.

Sharebuilder will continue to withdraw and purchase $MAX worth of  DIA every month until you retire.

Withdrawal Phase

One Decision

  1. Upon reaching retirement age, set up your Sharebuilder account to send you at least $MIN** or more each month from your considerable retirement account with little chance of running out of money. Decision is what is the value of $MIN?

THAT’S IT!  That is  The Plan!

The rest of this website is devoted to proving to you that following this simple strategy gives you your best chance for a stress free investment plan.

In order to stick with the plan for the next 47 years, you have to know that it will work. Click here -> Evidence Based Proof to begin the education process.

The Evidence Based Proof is the important part of the website. Unless you understand and know why this plan works, you will not stick with it. Learn WHY this plan will grow you the best retirement portfolio possible. Click here -> Evidence Based Proof

Warren Buffett Gives Same Advice

Warren Buffett is constantly telling his shareholders that investing in a low cost mutual fund that tracks the S&P is the best thing way to invest (other than investing in Berkshire Hathaway – his company)

To read the articles that prove what I just said, click on the “Buffett” tab at the top of the page.

Motley Fool ALSO Authenticates “The Plan”  Click HERE


Click here to begin reading the Evidence Based Proof   that the plan will work for you.

There is a lot of expensive advice out there for you to purchase. It is contrary to The Plan. I am willing to bet my eternal clear conscience that followers of this plan will be better off  47  years from now than if they had followed any other plan.

* $MAX = the maximum amount you can muster each month for retirement; should be at least $250 per month.

** $MIN = the minimum amount withdrawn monthly from your Sharebuilder account. See Withdrawal Strategy to learn how to determine this minimum amount.

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