Investing For Retirement And Wealth Accumulation

If these statements describe you ...

  • Know you need to accumulate wealth for retirement, college, comfort, life, ad infinitum
  • Have little confidence in your ability to accumulate wealth
  • Have no idea how to proceed
  • Have little knowledge of the stock market
  • Are overwhelmed by the daily onslaught of investment “advice”
  • Don't know who to trust
  • Have 15 or more years before you NEED the money

Then you are in the right place.


Years of false starts have led me to this wealth building strategy that I want to share with those who are struggling with how to accumulate wealth.


  • I will tell you which on-line broker to use and why; e.g. Fidelity? Vanguard? E*Trade? TD Ameritrade? Sharebuilder? ING? Scotttrade?

  • I will tell you which index fund guarantees (yes! guarantees) that you will do as well as "the market"
    i.e. the Dow Jones Industrial Average

  • I will teach you a lifetime strategy for accumulating wealth.
    Note that a 35 year old will be in the market for 47+/- years (yes, that's forty seven years!);
    30 years of accumulation and a "withdrawal phase" of 17 years (life expectancy for a 65 year old).

  • I will teach you why you cannot accumulate wealth quickly. At the same time, I will show you why history is on your side.

  • I will show you how the basic investing fundamentals...
    • Dollar Cost Averaging
    • Buy and Hold
    will deliver the Golden Rule of investing..."Buy Low, Sell High"!

  • I will teach you how to ignore market "noise" and be happy when the market is down.

  • I will show you that "target retirement funds" are not the right choice to accumulate wealth.

  • I can show you that my advice would have produced significant wealth in every one of 66 different historical periods
      For example, the 47 years ...
    • (1) from 1900 to1947,
    • (2) from 1901 to1948,
    • :
    • (66) from 1965-2012

  • I will prove to you that you will accumulate wealth if you follow my recommendations.

  • I will show you that Warren Buffett endorses my concepts ***

  • I will show you why using a "financial advisor" could cost you a lot($422,000**) of money.

  • I will teach you A LOT about Investing in a short period of time.

Take A Look.

If you want to see what I suggest and study the evidence based proof, then I want you to pay me $19.00.

  • Why $19.00?
    1. To give you an incentive to study the whole web site. The strategy is so simple that you would ignore the rest of the web site if I simply told you the two initial steps. 99% of the web site is devoted to providing evidence based proof that taking those two steps will get you to a secure, worry-free retirement. If you don’t read and absorb all the information in the entire web site, you will not stick to The Plan.

    2. To compensate me for the time and money it takes to develop and maintain and advertise this web site in order to help you with your Investing For Retirement.

    To get access the strategy, click on the PayPal button (this way, I can't get anywhere near your credit card number) to make payment of $29.00 and you will be routed to The Plan web site after making your payment. Subsequent access will be via the URL that you will receive via email after payment.

    Money Back Guarantee

    If, after thoroughly perusing the ENTIRE evidence based proof of plan, you determine that the information contained therein was not useful, then I do not want your money. I will refund your money. Clicking on the word "Refund" in the menu bar will take you to the Refund Request page. I would like to get feedback to improve the website so I will ask you some questions but regardless of your answers, I will refund your money. Promise/Swear!

    or... Just Have A Listen

    If you don't want to spend $19.00, then I will tell you the two recommendations (broker, fund) over the phone for free. I will do this because I am so concerned about so many of you who have no where to turn to get good advice.

    I will however, encourage you to visit the website so the proof of the plan will be burned into your psyche. If this doesn't happen, you will not stick to the plan for the years that it requires.

    Call 513-523-8439 - it is my home phone. You will get my answering machine's message - hang on - I'll pick up when I hear that you are calling about wealth accumulation. I will not capture your phone number or name or message.

    About Me

    My recommendations and the evidence-based proof was developed by me, Tom Schaber, a retired university professor of Computer Science and Software Engineering, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, to help people who are confused about handling their own retirement planning.

    My credentials, that will help you have faith in what I present, are as follows:
    • I have an MBA in finance.
    • I have a Ph.D. in Operations Research; i.e. computer modeling (used to present proof of plan).
    • I have passed the series 65 exam which is required by most U.S. states for individuals who act as investment advisors.
    • I was licensed with Modern Portfolio Management to give investment advice but allowed my license to expire because I had other interests. I have regained my desire to help but not my legal certification.
    • I have been a student of, and invested in, the stock market for many years.
    • I am retired and financially independent. I am not trying to improve my own financial situation with your money.
    • I have been appalled at the investment advice given by investment “advisors”. In most cases, their advice comes at a heavy, albeit hidden, price .**

    The advice that I will give is nearly free ($19 is nearly free vs $422,000**) and it is supported with evidence that it will work. I want to save you from those investment advisors who have to make a living selling you advice. They would NEVER give you the advice that I will give you.

    I am so passionate about this that I am happy to answer any questions you may have. Shoot me an email or call me.

    Tom Schaber

    * Past performance does not guarantee future performance (I have to say that).

    ** $422,000 is the amount paid to an investment advisor who charges 1.5% on a portfolio that averaged $600,000 over an investing lifetime of 47 years (30 years investing + life expectancy of 17 years).

    *** Warren Buffet's recommendations to investors are the same as those in The Plan. A link to his endorsement is available from The Plan web site.